TikTok announced improve the recommendation algorithm to reduce the negative impact

TikTok announced the improved the recommendation algorithm in own platforms to reduce the negative impact.

TikTok become very popular worldwide countries with variety of content creators and famous celebrities to create short entertainment creators. However, TikTok was blocked in India due to national security and China concern.

TikTok USA working on new recommendation algorithm to filtering the numbers of videos to reduce the negative impact of certain similar content on people. TikTok will solve this problem and improve the experience of TikTok users.

The official studying to change the types of content that may be recommended in prevent watching too much of the same content. These content categories may be fine as a single video for short period of time.

The new improve algorithm recommendations by collaborating with experts in medicine, clinical psychology and artificial intelligence ethics. TikTok is developing an option that allows users to block video that link to certain keywords or hashtags on the recommendation tag.

Tiktok is testing another new TikTok Live Studio is developing a Windows desktop application called TikTok Live Studio. TikTok Live Studio with the TikTok account to broadcast live and live content will be directly presented on TikTok Live.

TikTok has confirmed that this applications is currently only available in a few Western markets and is being used by thousands of users. TikTok Live Studio is a competitor of Twitter and YouTube launched by TikTok.