TikTok Company stores their users data at US, Singapore

TikTok is owned by TikTok Pte Singapore which is a part of Chinese company ByeDance. This app found a concern regarding users privacy and the storage of usages data. The Short video platform gains so much users base since they are launched.

Many numbers of teenagers , celebrities, influencers, entrepreneur, students, teachers become the part of TikTok daily billions users. As per Sensor tower’s report, The Engagement of the TiTok 119 millions active users and more than 600 millions downloads on TikTok viral videos are downloaded from India this year continues.

TikTok published its first transparency report in Jan 2020 (Credit: Bloomberg)

During this Covid-19 pandemic, TikTok applications crossed 2 billions lifetime installing in the Google Play Store. TikTok privacy everytime might be main concern in every mind specicalyl USA among countries users privacy laws are stronger then Indian countries. They keep asking about the report of data storage by TikTok recently.

TikTok claimed that it doesn’t operate out of China and the company claims that it does stores its data in the US data centers or Singapore data centers.

In India, Several reports filled against TikTok amerging early suicide cases, degrading culture, encouraging content that should not be viral in the TikTok videos.

TikTok Privacy Features

TikTok privacy features told by TikTok spokesman, we have made a numbers of privacy and security features to make this platform safer for everyone. It has included Digital Wellbeing, Device Management, Comments Filter and a Safety Center to take cares of TikTok users to control of their accounts. Recently TikTok introduced the Family Safety mode to allow parents to control Digital Wellbeing feature of their teenagers kids account remotely.

Why TikTok App being so popular ?

If you are familiar with photo sharing application Instagram owned by Facebook, You might find easily to operate shot video making app interface is one of the most popular inspired layout of Instagram app found in the TikTok ever.

Even TikTok users popularity seen in the Instagram users or YouTubers . YouTuber making roasts videos on TikTok viral or popular content creators in their channel while TikTok users become famous creator content or influencers on their Instagram to driver traffic to get thousands of followers.

TikTok Transparency

In Jan 2020, TikTok published first Transparency report for the first half of 2019 details shared of legal information and content take down requests it received from each country’s government. The top requests that India made the most overall legal requests as well more requests for content removal followed by the USA.

The report shared by TikTok, The launched US data center in the US to allow us to trusted third party experts to evaluate more on our moderation systems, processes and policies in case any requests made by US government to us.