TikTok marketing tips, How to Grow yourself in 2020

TikTok is on the top priority of a social media viral thing every year. It based on old popular app Vina which firstly introduced the same design but later with some modern features TikTok ( A Chinese Lip Sync App ) Viral in the USA and Indin countries to create a maximum Billions user name. TikTok is here to stay

TikTok was the only non-Facebook app in the year 2020 to hit the top 5 million downloads by every user in the Google and Apple Store, This worldwide success is that meteoric success has come quickly which means it’s a gold mine for anybody trying to market absolutely.

Why? TikTok app still has this strange content surrounding it. this app basically for kids but now in meantime, it spread to each person of all ages, influencers, marketers, Entrepreneurs and common persons even celebrities for paid promotions.

People just open the TikTok app and record a few seconds videos and upload it on your profile and it’s getting viral among all other peoples like a rapid-fire interface.

You don’t need to be social-savvy celebrities from Selena Gomez, Will Smith, and Post Malone or entrepreneurs like Gary Vee are already seeing TikTok’s marketing value and it won’t be long before their influencers bring the whole world on board.

Is the TikTok Marketing Really a Good Idea?

Well’ assume you already have some basic understanding of TikTok and how to use it and if not, make sure to learn up on the basics of TikTok first.

Before we get into TikTok marketing. There may be a higher chance of a younger audience on TikTok right now, but there’s unimaginable value in that.

The aga range from TikTok maybe be as bad as you think, either, it’s been reported that 41% of TikTok users are between the age of 14 and 25.

Behaviors of TikTok Engagers ( Users )

TikTok as a platform is very powerful for marketing your business or product. The majority of users are engaging in the platform to view content and videos as opposed to uploading their own videos content. It’s totally worth, Markets and influencers total reach over or in contact over you only if your content based videos and engagements with the audience are higher and good quality.

In a one month period, 65% of TikTok engagers watched another video, whereas only 50% actually uploaded something That’s a powerful number for any marketers looking to their business or product in front of new eyes.

We will focus on this guide on marketing through 100% organic reach because for now, that’s where we see the most value on your account.

How to Market Yourself on TikTok:

Then you need to download the TikTok app which is available on (Google PlayStore and iOS ) and consume content. With TikTok, you are thrown into video content directly. It’s called the “For You page “. It’s where TikTok’s Algorithm will push content it thinks people will like and it’s where the majority of TikTok users will engage with the app.

You need to spend 1 hour watching the content on the For You page because you can learn what works inside the TikTok. You will find is that TikTok Trending videos are small videos, they are grabbing your attending immediately and music also being added in the various videos.

You may also notice how TikTok Videos use music freely in the background- it may seem strange without any copyright, you may use the music of any popular music song in the app which another platform will send you to notice about “Copyright to random brand or Singer Name“. But TikTok lets all users choose from a wide range of songs for free. It’s expected that TikTok creates licensing deals with big artists and record labels for this.

It’s time to get started with making your own videos.

How to make Good Videos on TikTok

To make a video on TikTok before, you need to follow the rules above- be short, grab attention quickly and use trending music. You’ll need to think creatively to find ideas that work for your specific business.

For example, For a travel company, you should show short clips of good sightseeing spots. You’ll know your business best, but the best thing you can do is just try to make do with the content you can create. Create any content but make sure it’s related to your TikTok account and be sure about one hobbyist in you to discuss and share with other audiences.

It’s easier to record content straight from your phone, but you can upload your videos from PC as well, You must follow some rules about video size and Quality at here.

Steps to upload your video

  • To get started, tap the + button on the main page.
  • Choose to record here or upload a video from your phone storage.
  • Once recorded or uploaded, tap the sounds button.

TikTok recognizes your content with viral music and it makes optimization and trending your video randomly in other TikTok audiences.

You can choose TikTok Viral to find sounds that doing well at the moment- usually, they are 10-30 sec clips from popular songs. You could just choose any of this list. If you want to be a TikTok master marketer, you should consume enough content to immediately recognize all of the songs on the TikTok viral list.

If you don’t understand, spend more time to watch more videos- it’s important you understand TikTok and you’ll only understand after consuming more content.

Once you’ve picked a song, Tap next. You can enter the hashtag, and a small description. As a general rule of thumb, always use #foryou – nobody really knows you get to the For You page, but nearly every post on TikTok uses this.

After you, choose a few hashtags that are relevant to your brand, You can start typing a Hashtag to see how popular it is. Hashtag competition doesn’t seem to matter as much TikTok.

Next, tab select cover and find a moment in the video that’s eye-catching – this is what viewers will see in Thumbnail views on your profile and other pages on TikTok.

Finally, set the options to public, allow comments, allow duet and react, and click the post button, it’s time to watch your once they are posted.

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

We don’t know how the TikTok algorithm works, but we can make some good guesses based on how videos perform once they are posted.

When a video is posted with small random audience- once it gets popularity based on its performance content. TikTok algorithm starts adding with matched other contents. We think, in this way, people’s videos get viral and start getting shares and people’s reactions to it.

You can post yourself 10 times short videos per day, post ten times per day. While you are making a name for yourself. New Videos always appearing in the For You page itself.

Make sure, before making a name for yourself. First, add hobbyist bio about yourself, write about your work or profession and Add a link if you are having a blog or website to deliver the audience more details about you and your content based videos.

You can also add your personal / business Instagram Account and YouTube Channel Name with a clickable link.


We hope all your answers related to “How to market yourself in the TikTok 2020 and Viral your videos even talked about TikTok algorithms worked.

It takes some time or a few hours or even a day to viral your video content all depends on your video creativity style and engagement with your audiences every day.