Top 10 reasons why smartphones may catch fire

Smartphones from any brand may catch fire during the accident that occurs while using them. The top 10 reasons why your smartphone exploded.

Here are the top 10 reasons why smartphones catch fire seen in-home or travel:

Using Fake or duplicate chargers

Every customer suggested using the quality of charger come out of the box. The smartphone brand gives chargers in the box or premium smartphones also sold chargers on their website.

  • Be very careful using your smartphone while playing games during charging and texting on WhatsApp.
  • Using a Fake charger with an unmatched charging rating may cause a fire in the smartphone while overheating.

Using Third-party batteries

If your smartphone had an issue with charging discharge immediately. Do change it with the original brand battery that matches your smartphone.

  • Never use third-party cheap battery at lower prices.
  • A poor made lithium-ion battery can overheat , catche fire and explosed while charging.
  • It cause loss of money, loss of person.

Using your smartphone even when it is getting hot

Some people habit of using smartphones every second even minute while charging smartphones. If you notice your device getting hot then unplug the charger and keep it until it cools down.

  • Check your charger brand and charging capacity.
  • Check any applications running in the UI background cause unusally warm.
  • Check your smartphone with any third-party batteries.
  • Never charge your smartphone with more fast charger may damage battery life.

Avoid charging using Cheap Power Banks

People should avoid using a cheap Chinese power bank with 10000mah and 20000mah batteries with 15W, 18W, 22.5W, 65W charging capacity. This will seriously harm battery life and explode cause hurt to a person.

  • Do not use Chinese power bank less than Rs. 1000
  • Avoid charging regularly with power banks
  • Avoid using third party charging cable to charge your smartphone faster.

Overcharging your smartphone

This is the most common problem seen in the teenager charging their smartphones at night. The charging your phone overnight and will always charge your smartphone more than 100%.

We recommended that

  • keep charge your smartphone to 80% regularily.
  • Do not keep your smartphone near your bed.
  • Keep original charger and cable to charge your smartphone.

Some smartphones disconnect the charge after 100% like iPhones.

Avoid getting your phone repaired at local shops

People usually bring smartphones to get repaired at local shops and avoid going to service centers to save traveling money or don’t like to spend more money with taxes.

Local shops engineers arent’ well trained to repair any smartphones. Brand service centers recruit engineers with certified training environments with qualified engineering.

Third-party repair shows always use common tools to repair a particular device and it may mess the circuit cause any fire incident in near future.