Top Five Apple iPhone 13 Pro features – You might know

Apple iPhone 13 series is expecting to launch on 14th September with pre-order goes live on 24th September for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models.

When is the next Apple event? We are expecting could be early or mid September with some interesting products like iPhone 13 Series, AirPods 3, Apple Watch 7 and new iPhone Pad Mini.

According to legit leaker Jon Prosser, the launch will might happen in iPhone 13 series with a global launch with high pricing more then $999 in US market. Rumor’s suggest that Apple will unveil four iPhone in 2021 with new camera bump and new smaller notch.

Here are the Top Five Apple iPhone 13 Series features – You might Know:

Matter Black and Bronze selection

Apple is planning to offer new matter black colour options for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have rumour to come darker tones to provide a matte black look and graphite option.

Anti-fingerprint coating on stainless steel sharp edges

The iPhone 13 series will have the edge are stainless steel to feature their new iPhone can be very easy remove after its very easier to get fingerprints and strain in the current iPhone 12 series model.

Apple is planning a new fingerprint-proof coating for the stainless steel edge for the iPhone 13 series. The new iPhone 12 users are complaint on apple forums on fingerprint and stain problems.

Apple see to take steps to help improve the durability of stainless steel edges and it remain to see , how anti-fingerprint coating will see in the Pro even on standard iPhone 13 model.

Stronger MagSafe magnetic suction

Apple introduced new way to charging your smartphone wirelessly with the 15W Magsafe to charge your iPhone with the magnetic suction coil in the upcoming iPhone 13 series event.

Apple long vision is to make customers more dependable on news MagSafe, it will need to ensure that the magnet suction technology patent to iPhone series.

Apple Bigger Camera Sensors

Apple has been planning to introducing new bigger camera sensors for the iPhone 13 series with LiDAR. The new improved lenses and advanced image signal will have provide the best in class image processor and video processing in every aspect.

According to iPhone 13 rumors , The iPhone 13 users will able to take shooting stars and adjust camera setting as depending on the different scenes automatically or manually.

Beam forming microphone in iPhone’s

Apple plans to bring its first beam forming microphone technology currently used in the AirPods. This technology rumors to coming to the iPhone 13 series and this technology will improve the quality of microphones are on the iPhones for better calling and recording.

What’s your thoughts on the upcoming iPhone 13 series features? Do let us know in the answer section?

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