Trai order to block direct SMS ‘scrubbing’ from April 1

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) order to block the direct SMS ‘scrubbing’ from April 1.

The telecom regulator has directed operators to re-activate SMS checking filters beginning from April 1 and blocks the traffic.

What is “Scrubbing” in SMS?

Scrubbing in SMS referes to matching the SMS content with a pre-registered template submitted by every principal entry who sends commerical SMS to its customers.

if the content doesn’t match with the pre-registered template then the telecoms will able to block the message. In the recent meeting, Trai order comes after a high-level meeting called by the authority with telecom operators.

Telemarketing urges their entire business onboard the complex blockchain based SMS filtering systems might be a risk. According to order, From 1 April, any message failing in the scrubbing due to non-compliance of regulatory requirements will be rejected..