Twitter serious about buying Indian microblogging platform ShareChat

United State social media Twitter is now appear to consider about expanding its presence in the Indian market by acquiring Indian micro blogging ShareChat in offering total amount of $1.1 million.

ShareChat is also a popular microblogging platoform offered in India and ShareChat developed also offered TikTok rival app called as Moj- Short Video platform source TechCrunch.

ShareChat owned MoJ has confirmed to have 80 millions monthly active users after the ban of TikTok in June 2020. ShareChat which has raised about $260 million to date in talks with investors including Google and Snapchat for its new funding round.

Moj app earlier this month said it was integrating Snap Camera’s kit with Augmented reality (AR) capabilities in the app very soon. ShareChat which has over 160 millions users in India which is especially from popular regional language users.

ShareChat Interface

This unnamed sources that come after Twitter clash over Farmer Protest in India with Indian government after refused to suspended accounts of hate speech, fake news in violating Indian law.

Last week, Twitter had received two separate notices as the director of IT Ministry has now resolved 90 percent accounts over Farmer Protest hashtags. IT Ministry Ravi Shankar also promoted home based twitter alternative Koo app in India.

Koo App CEO claims that they have reached 5 millions downloads in 2 days after government officials promoted app on its social media platform. We have to wait for the official confirmation news on the Twitter acquired the ShareChat in coming weeks,