Twitter Labels feature to G7 Nations left India out- Who cares?

US social media Twitter said the expands of new feature “Twitter Labels in G7 Nations include Canada, Germany, Egypt, Japan, UAE in coming months, Left India out.

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The United States micro-blogging platform has not issue a statement on the selection countries for adding a new set of labels to track more government leaders, associated institutions, media outlets and other government personal accounts to identify creditable sources of information in each nation.

The battle war in Narendra Modi Government strict on social media platform Twitter on the being careless and no obey orders of Indian Government leaves Twitter to do business in dark in future. Twitter don’t mentioned label features rollout in India.

The immediate next phase will be applying these labels to state-affiliated media entities of these countries. Twitter said labels will be added to verified accounts of key government including foreign ministers admbassadors, officials spokespeople, key diplomatic leaders.

Twitter has been facing flack over the few weeks for accounts and posts with provocative content misinformation around farmer’s protest. The government had issued a stern warning to the microblogging platform in India to comply with local laws.