U.S based telecom Ciena wins Huawei replacement deal in India

U.S based telecom equipment provider Ciena CEO said that Indian telecom operators are moving faster than others markets in Europe and United States to mitigate their exposure to Chinese gear provided by Huawei.

Huawei network gear being used in the most of telecom companies located in Europe and United States countries, However, These telecom having tough time to found replacement, while Indian telecom companies are moving faster in replacing Huawei network gear.

Donald Trump announced to ban over Huawei telecom gears in the United States and forced to replacement telecom gear in all major cellular companies located in U.S due to national security risk.

The top exclusive said that Ciena India has won new business on the network which provides converged packet optical and Ethernet solutions to all Indian telecom operators.

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone are in process of transport, packets and core networks which are in talks with Ciena, Nokia and Cisco, and Reliance Jio trying to build own network infrastructure with future ready 5G technology called out in the June 2021.