US market faced decline in smartphone sales in Q1 due to COVID-19

A new report share on internet, The US based companies faced decline in the smartphone sale business in the USA around 21 percent year-over-year in the last first quarter of 2020 due to COVID-19. The Lockdown extended in other parts of the US and Britain among countries faced low in sales of smartphone released in this year till Q1 2020.

Samsung S20 series suffered a lot of 23 per cent decline. The Galaxy A Series sold out in very low amount while Samsung production cost in sale or parts drops about 50% in Q1. Apple suffered only 13 per -cent drop in the Apple products as the people’s business shutdowns taking effects of new models missed to hit in the stores of the US.

A report share by Researcher Analyst Maurice Klaehne said the OnePlus did make some sales into the US carrer markets with offering 5G priced competively features offering where as Google’s smartphone sales in Pixel 4a last year series faced 64 percent decline every year in the US market in Q1 2020.

The impact of supplies due to closer in Wuhan, China, were effected most of the companies sale models as the COVID-19 cases rises everywhere in the world. Many US based companies allowed to stay close until the futher notifications issued by the China government to start working again in their business.

In mid-March, the US states began to order stay at home orders and both carriers and worldwide retailers stores are restricted to pick and drop services in rest part of the US or Britain.