US President extends US Trade War on Chinese Telecom supply into Next year 2021

The U.S Commerce department released a report on US President Donald Trump extend China companies telecom gears like Huawei, ZTE for next year as an executive order signed in May 2019 to next year 2021 declaring a national emergency on U.S companies from using telecommunications.

These network gear on telecom made by Chinese firms declared as security risk. The order issued on the International Emergency Powers Act which given the president the authority to regulate commerce in response to a national emergency.

US-China Trade War Summary

The department has issued a series of extensions of the temporary license and previously extended it until April 1. The Huawei the department has allowed it to purchase some U.S made good in a single move aimed at minizine disruption for its customers.

The Huawei , ZTE will no longer to made business in US among countries may be UK or European will ban them as well. They will only hope to make a fresh start in the Indian country.

PM Narendra Modi announced 20 lakh crore package for very poor or middle class families to start their local business or expand their work portfolio into the next left by taking load from government special package.

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