US restricts Chinese apparel and tech products in Xinjiang

The Trump administration on Monday announced new restriction on imports of apparel, hair products and technology goods from certain Chinese companies saying entities had used forced labour in the Xinjiang region to make their products.

The US customs agents to detail and potentially destroy goods brought into the country that are made by the named companies or entities in Xinjiang.

On Monday, officials told in briefing with reporters with the department of Homeland security said the broader measure was undergoing further legal analysis and more announcements could soon in coming days or weeks.

U.S law bans the importation of any goods produced with forced labour. But human rights groups say that practice has long been widespread in Xinjiang where many detainees are recruited into products that assign them to work in factories like cotton farms and textile miles.

The announcement about the prevalence of forced labour in these supply chains led Customs and Border Protection to draw up more sweeping restrictions on products made with cotton and fabric from Xinjiang.

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