USA wants TikTok to operate as an independent American company

TikTok owned by byteDance will be soon operated under American Law after It will move as independent American company as Kudlow said. A top White House adviser on Thursday said he expects TikTok to seperate from its Chinese owner and it will purposal as an US company.

The White House economic adviser Larry kudlow told reporters a move by TikTok to leave ByteDance company. Last week, TIkTok company seeks noting that ByteDance was “evaluating changes to the cooperate structure of its TIkTok business” and fully commented to protecting users privacy and security. A Chinese company ByteDance after scared by USA official’s to think about Ban over Chinese apps after India banned permanently.

TikTok company still hoping to return back in the first largest Asian market in India but it’s very rare decision to bring TikTok back in India. In USA, Top officials statements about the USA proposal TIkTok to leave ByteDance Chinese company.

He declined to comment when asked if company could acquire TikTok. TikTok and WeChat under USA radar as said by President Donald Trump’s chief of staff said on Wednesday that the administration is studying the national security risks of Chinese social media applications.