What Is A Blog? How to Start? A Guide to Understanding the Concept of Blogging


We will be building a new personal blog with popular blogging platform WordPress. Learn by all steps by step carefully, if you had forgotten come back again and read again!


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Before we start our beginner guide on “How to Start a blog”? The first thing to note, Blogging is very much popular in every year, Peoples can start a blog very easily through various free and paid hosting plans and they can share what they like to teach with other people’s around the world.

Blogging is a just kind of hobby in some people can share thoughts on personal interests based on Teaching, Writing, Creating and share some knowledge with other peoples.

Before we start a blog , Second thing you must know about

Choosing The Right Blogging Platform : WordPress

WordPress is the best popular blogging platform that allows you to create blog pages, add content, images, logo and everything else that you willing to write and update your blog.

It is the previous named as Content Management System. WordPress divided into two different functions.

Difference WordPress .com vs WordPress.org


In this section, Be are creating our first blog with the WordPress.org which will be more secure and feature-packed for our advanced blogging later on.

Another different open source platforms which are hosting by other web hosting companies which aren’t popular then WordPress.

  • Blogger: A free blogging solution from Google
  • Ghost : It is a new blogging platform that is creating new things in the blogging.
  • Drupal : It is quite popular but difficult for beginners.
  • Medium: It is another example of free and paid to a blog where you can write and share articles with others.

Why You Should Not Start your blog on a WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is a self-hosted domain blogging platform. If you created your blog on free blogging plans. It should give an automatically generated domain name .

For example Webyourname.wordpress.com ( Bad right )

This will be hosted on WordPress hosting servers. They remove your blog anything without any warning if your content violate any of terms or conditions . On free plans, No premium themes available and No security plugin support.

When something is free for you, You are the product!

We will skill start a blog on Blogger by Google and WordPress.com

We will go with a self-hosted blog, where we can download some zip files wordpress.org and paste them in your domain root folder (available only once we purchased a paid hosting plan for personal use ).

For example: Download your WordPress Files


Web Shared Hosting Plans: For Examples

You can search for various cheap hosting plans via searching on Google. Choose your best plans for your needs.


After buying a good hosting plan. It should be 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or more depends on your needs.

Once we bought like ( yourdomain.com). Once 48 hours passed out. Our domain is active on every IP address via the Hosting company.

We need to set up a Blog on the Hosting root directory. Follow these small steps

  • Download WordPress.org Files
  • Open your hosting account ( Username & Password )
  • Go to file manager
  • Find your domain name
  • Check Public_html root folder
  • Upload WordPress zip folder in this folder.
  • Once WordPress zip uploaded.
  • Extract all files inside on the public_html carefully
  • Go to domain link ( separate tab )

Remember your username and password carefully! Write on the somewhere important page.

Put your login username and password in the WordPress dialog box

WordPress Login Screen


Why I Recommend blog on WordPress For Starting A Blog

  • It’s simple to set up once you learned some basic setups
  • So easy to use
  • Blogging is just the heart of WordPress
  • Total control in your hands
  • WordPress is more secure
  • Excellent Themes & Plugin Support
  • Community Support

Finished installing WordPress on Your Hosting

  • Once you have logged in you’ll see WordPress Dashboard
  • Choose A WordPress theme
  • Free Themes vs Premium Theme
  • Free themes will less support and less customization
  • Premium theme little expensive but more customization, best for blogger.

Some of my favorite websites to find themes for your suitable blogs needs:

When you are choosing your theme as you want to make sure it will fit with your needs and goals. For example, A professional blog then you will want a formal clean design as your needs where you want to show off your interest and creativity.

You can also install your customize themes if you developed or once you already have on it own. Move the mouse over the “Appearance Tab” within the WordPress Dashboard Sidebar and then click on “Themes” open and select your Themes and customized theme.


Active themes install


Launch a blog by hovering over the WordPress dashboard. Click on WordPress Domain name.


Congratulations, You successfully create your first Blog.

Remember, Post 2-4 article every week. Once, it will cross 20 pages on your blog. You can easily apply for Google Adsense and another advertisement platform to make money via your publishing articles via yourself.

Don’t copy and paste other website articles. It will be sticky prohibited.

Thank you! Glad you made it!