What is about upcoming Microsoft Window 10X OS?

Microsoft recently reveals its plans for next year to launch its new Microsoft Windows 10X OS for arriving late 2020 ” What is that support to be? Want to know, Read our article.

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Microsoft finally showcase its first dual-screen foldable tablet or device called Microsoft Surface Neo, the device will be loaded with Window 10X OS quite similar to Window 10 but mostly only optimized and available for dual-screen devices manufactured by Microsoft and other various OEM will likely to shipped with this later the next year 2020.

Main Highlighting features of upcoming Window 10 X OS :

  • It will be reserved for only foldable devices that come with both single or dual-screen designs.
  • Window 10X will run only on Intel Chipset during this time.
  • In Future, Microsoft will announce its support with AMD chip-set as well during its full stable commercial roll-out in wider
  • Window 10X will allow the support over all the apps including UWP AND PWA as well as run Win32 apps in containers/
  • Microsoft Chromium-based Edge has also been optimized using a feature called shim and this will allow running apps without a container.
  • Low battery usage during use.
  • No support seen like Windows 10 live tiles, a list of pre-installed apps, documents, and files for easy access.

This is very useful to see if Microsoft or any other OEM would likely to manufactured a dual-screen 6.5-inch foldable Phone will running this Windows 10X OS will pre-loaded apps like Microsoft Office, Your Phone, etc.

Microsoft partner with third-party like OEM like Dell and HP to develop this own devices with this new Window 10 X coming next year 2020 in market.

Screenshots of Microsoft Surface Neo ( Foldable Dual-Screen Device ) :

Microsoft Surface Neo

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