Explained what is Bhim UPI? How does it work?

In our article , here’s you can able to know practical use of Bhim UPI app or Any other UPI-enabled App to sent and receive money in a seconds.

Bhim UPI stands for Bharat Interface For Money. In Short it also called as Bhim UPI. This UPI ( Unified Payments Interface ) is really simple platform that other banking services being used in our country to send and receiving money in anywhere in India.

Single 2015, BHIM UPI has been developed by National Payments Cooperation of India ( NPCI ). It received a biggest boost till the last year Dec 2019, 799 millions people made use to BHIM UPI to send money and receiving money or even recharging other services in India.

What is UPI ?

Unified Payments Interface ( UPI ) is single simpler platform that different from banking services and features under one app. With a UPI-enable account, you can simple register via bank registration phone number. Put your password for upi and m-pin for application lock inside the Bhim App. Bhim App sent a verify message to bank server. Server text a message to Bhim App > okay, now your upi enabled at your bank account.

You can create upi by phone number itself or your name as well. We suggest you to use UPI with your personal name in maintaining phone number privacy risk.

With UPI , you can make real time bank-to-bank payments, sending money to friends, mobile to mobile payments, recharge your data, bills or Virtual Payment Address also created.

What are different number of UPI enabled Platform ?

  • Paytm- India’s Payment Bank
  • Google Pay ( Formally Tez )
  • Phone Pe App
  • Ultra Cash App
  • Free-Recharge
  • Mobiwek App

In my recharge, i recommended to you Ultra Cash app and Bhim App only for better security and longer customer support. I used both more than 1 half year , No issue faced related to money transactions.

Note : All UPI enabled App in play store using the Bhim App interface made by government of India.

It just marketing techniques to use other private upi enable apps to runs their business and do fraud with people’s money.

We also don’t recommended use of Google Pay, it will leak your banking details or phone number in google services in case of any hack. [ As our point of concern ]

We will suggest you, don’t put enough money or sending money via any private upi enabled apps . Read our details in below.

Hows UPI works ?

UPI Payment service require just some simpler on-screen setting when you made install bhim app or ultra cash app in your smartphone.

It will send a message to your bank. If your phone number registration with your bank account , then you can successful enable your UPI account in 2-3 seconds.

Add your debit card in the UPI APP ( Ultra Cash App Option ).

Create your name UPI edit for Bhim UPI ( Bhim UPI )

UPI begin with your mobile number or personal name

For example ,

If i had my bank account in State Bank of India , I need to register upi with my bank account registration phone number to receive OTP.

For example : UPI Registration

For Example : Ultra Cash App

@technologyseeker upi [ UPI enabled ]

Anyone can sent or receive money with this Virtual address. If you shared it !

Major challenger faced by Bhim UPI other reveals giving you some extra features.

Paytm giving you opening and closing saving bank account

PhonePe giving you all recharge options and paying bills i.e water, electricity and other private organisations bills.

Indian post office bank is still new. We don’t know much about it.

Pushing updates regularly , listening to customers but keep in money, Your money isn’t safest in private apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Free recharge once you heard fraud translations done via unknowns people’s easily.

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Future of Bhim UPI 2.XX version

Most translations were P2P ( peer to peer ). Over all private and government institute, shopping sector and telecom are able to use of BHIM UPI in wider way. Main Advantage, your money send to personal account and other account instantly without any waiting longer, just like Banking services.

We hope, everything we explained, you make use of it to enjoyed UPI services and join the race of Digital India.