What is Corona virus? Prevent yourself from the infection?

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Corona virus infection spread out in the India day by day, but it still under control by the Indian government took steps to control spread out to most of the people. We are try to explained some major factors that you will understand, “How to handle the corona virus ( COVID-19 ) scare and What type of precautions need to take care of it?

On Since Wednesday , new cases of confirmed corona virus infection effect some peoples in Delhi, Hyderabad , Lucknow and Jaipur by government and school authorities and panic the whole residents of the national capital India. Message spread out via Whats App,”Scared a lots of people”.

In India, as per local news channel confirmed there was 73 confirmed corona virus cases in India.

Some Basic Steps on How to Stay Safe?

  • If you have to leave the safety of your house to go to public space, wear gloves or mittens and keep them on at all times, especially inside buses.
  • Avoid Handshakes but if you must remember to consciously keep the hand away from your eyes, nose and mouth even it you are itchy.
  • Do not repeat your gloves. Change and wash them daily and never put on damp gloves
  • If someone sneezes or coughs in your presence, step back immediately avoid hugs.
  • In your house, replace old towels with clear , washed one. And Do not share your towel with anyone

How prepared the government to tackle corona virus?

The Government had an eye over the airport visitors to scan properly once they travel to India or come to visit any of the cities via Delhi or Mumbai. The contact tracing process gets more complicated, the health system will be tested widely. The government has already suspended all travels visa to IRAN, ITALY, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, JAPAN, USA from affected countries Germany and Bangkok.

A detailed plans has been shared with all 28 states of India, in case any outsider reached holiday spot, they will be tested and return back to all of these affected countries.

Passengers being screened at an airport

States have been asked to identify possible isolation area in hospital that can accommodate larger numbers. They has been asked to augment existing isolation wards and including more facilities of the nurses and doctor staff with armed forced.

How long it will take corona virus to effect a victim?

The COVID-19 ( corona virus ) can transmit itself via hand contact, moreover if the infected person has coughed or sneezed into his own hands. The virus caught many people’s and it will take 14-day incubation period during which a person can stay asymptomatic but spread the disease. It better to use a hands-off greeting such as Namaste.

Look at this today’s trending,

A 71-year-old person greeting people with an Indian system “Namaste” has gone viral on social media, among the Indian citizen. This will only happen due to corona virus outbreak to prevent handshakes, people’s outside India try to “Namaste” to each other.


Questions: Can masks contain the corona virus infection ?


Masks are effective in containing the spread of infection, Any person with a history of travel to affected areas or contact with infected person and showing symptoms of the disease should use a mask.

Question: As hand sanitizes effective?


They are alcohol based is more than 60%. The US Center for Disease Control ” recommended washing with soap and water because it reduces the amounts of all types of germs and chemicals on hands. If soap was not available, try to avoid public soap at toilet or bathroom places

Try to carry a personal hand sanitize with a least 60% alcohol can help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

Source: Indian express

Stay Safe & healthily