What is Hosting? Buy Cheap Web Hosting and How does it works?

Hosting is well know Web site hosting term, Web hosting and Webhost is the business of housing, serving and maintain files for one or more Web sites. The computer space that is provided for Web sites files is the fast connection to the Internet.

What is domain and Hosting?

Web Hosting is an account on a computer that can store and serve website files via the Internet. Domain Registration is leasing a human-readable word that directs people to specific files via a browser.

How do you buy web hosting?

You can buy web hosting from reliable trust web hosting partner in the internet like Go Daddy, Hostinger, HostGator, Bluehost and site ground among one of best hosting providers in the world.

The process is similar of which you plan you choose

  • Choose a new hosting account,
  • Choose a domain a valid name for your personal or business name in simple word.
  • If you have already hosting account, you need to buy only new domain from the similar hosting providers.
  • Click buy domain and hosting for 3 months, 6 months and 12-months as your budget suggests.
  • Select the right package
  • Complete your hosting purchase
  • Select a strong password ( Don’t forget )
  • Log into your web hosting c panel.
  • You will find your domain all listing in domain and hosting.
  • Wait for 24 hours to refreshed domain validity.

Check your email address of hosting account to verify the domain registration detail in 24 hours. This steps is very important to validation owner details.

How I can get cheap domain and hosting?

The creation of a website required two most important aspects, A domain and Hosting. A domain name is basically an identification of our business on the internet. The domain name business website gets established.

For a beginner, its a tough choice to make a decision about whether he should buy a cheap domain name and a hosting or fact not. Cheap domain registration and hosting seem likeable as well as attractive.


Cost Effectiveness:

The most basic advantages is less cost. They provide us with most of the accessible functions to maintain a website as beginner. However, it depends upon the different domain and hosting providers.

Blogging: Simple blogging can also regulator these services without any inconvenience. The concept of blogging is based on unique writing and posting. As they give sufficient space to do, it is a great advantage.

Relevant for business and profession: A is relevant for business as well as a profession for making their creditability higher.


Professionalism :

The types of relevant features you won’t get. You want to serve your online audience become difficult to develop.

SEO unfriendly:

It is difficult to win the trust of your visitors with a cheap domain name because these of domains are difficult to keep in mind. Furthermore , making your website famous online ,you need to do SEO friendly, promote on social media, start engagement on audiences, creates original self written posts.

Customer Support:

The cheapest domain registration and hosting providers does not provide you best customer support. A 100% uptime of servers. Servers might be very slow since more traffic increased in your shared hosting server.


You are good to know or familiar to the cheap domain and hosting pros and cons. It is totally based upon your requirement and what type of services are useful for you.

Listing of Cheap hosting Providers In India and world

We hope, our complete guide on web hosting learned all necessary details on what is web hosting and how it does works?

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