What is the major difference between Broadband and Wi-Fi Connection?

This guide will provide you enough details to understand the concept of different between a Broadband and Wi-Fi Connection at your home. The advantages and disadvantages of have a Wi-Fi and broadband connection at home. During this lockdown period, Most of the users are surfing web, streaming their online classes through Wi-Fi connections and Broadband connections.

Here in this article we tries to cover the difference between Wi-Fi and Broadband connection with some basic explanation to make clear technology behind used in both connections.

What is Wi-Fi?

In simple, Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity uses several radio signals and frequencies combined them together to transfer data and it doesn’t required any additional equipment or wires for connection.

How does it work?

Wi-Fi provides radio waves travel through air in order to deliver information. Wi-Fi used 802.11 wireless ethernet works in two different technology. First, The wireless transmitter receives data and information from the broadband connection in our home

Second, the transmitter converts the received information and emits radio waves in it. The information transfer through the radio waves once received devices which are connected through Wi-Fi packs up the signal as information. Hence, it doesn’t required any physical connection between the sender and the receiver.

What is Broadband?

The term broadband in which users can able to connect to the Internal with a modem device and our ISP ( Internet Service Providers ) located in your cities or area. We need a wired phone number and broadband plan along with a random company ( any good quality modem device )

Modem the actually used to convert phone cable signals and transmitted into our Internet connection with a Internet ISP ( Username ) or Password ) kit provided by the each ISP in your area.

What are the types of Broadband connections?

Broadband connections are two types of it, One broadband connections required a DSL works with your telephone connection. and it has maximum speed up to 50Mpbs -100 Mbps only.

Second Broadband connection has FTTH ( Fiber To Home ) connection required a high speed optic fiber cable come to your home modem connected to transfer up 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps high speed bandwidth and symmetrical speeds.

Difference between Broadband and Wi-Fi Connections?

  • Broadband which users need to get an internet connection provided at our home through ISP providers.
  • It required a valid username and password to access your internet connection
  • Wi-Fi is a medium way to use your broadband connection via an access point in your phone setting or any Wi-Fi providing dongle.
  • Wi-Fi can allow multiple users to connection up to 21 at the same time with similar speeds of your internet connection.
  • Broadband connections only works with one modem or one pc. It required a switch another equipment to multiple connections for different pc.