What’s new in Windows 11 – Feature, Setting, Release Date

Microsoft has announced Windows 11 with new features, Fluid Setting Menu, and cool new 3-D animated wallpapers. The Final build may arrive later this year.

The First Windows 11 Insider Preview will be launching in the next week. You can install to gets the hands-on preview on upcoming new Windows 11 by Microsoft after six years. The Insider previews are recommended to install on a Virtual PC or secondary PC.

The Windows 11 Insider preview contains bugs and software errors, it will be fixed in every new update released by Microsoft. Here the first look at the Microsoft Windows 11- Top features

The list of new features in introduced in Windows 11 version –

Kindly Note, Microsoft is giving a free upgrade to all Windows users to make install Windows 11 in free over Windows 7 OS or latest Windows 10 when official final build arrive in the end of this year.

Start Menu

Windows 11 comes with a new brand new fluid Start Menu hovering in the middle of the taskbar. It also having system wallpaper theme integration. The themes will set automatically with the user’ choice wallpapers.

The previous live tiles have been replaced by icons similar to Google Android 12 and iOS. User can still switch back to the left-aligned Start Menu and apply accent colours to customize the personalized look and feel of the OS.

Windows Widgets

Microsoft did amazing such just like Google Android 12. Windows 11 will now allow users to view their Microsoft NewsFeed on the desktop and get daily updates on weather and traffic direct on fully connected and always connected with Windows PC.

Windows Store with Android Apps Integration

Microsoft brings the Amazon App store partnership to install most of their Favourite Android Apps.

New Task View

Microsoft has redesigned the Task View screen with new controls for Virtual Desktops. For users, by default on the taskbar has the Task View button and you can click on it to launch as task view.

Task View feature lets you see all the opened windows on you desktop, including windows that are minimized or maximized by the users.

For work, You can use one virtual desktop for work items and one for person stull. You can create as many virtual desktops as you want to be, but you don’t need two or more.

Windows 11 OS users can also change the background of virtual desktops. In order to change, you need to go through change the background, open Setting app > Personalization > Background.

Task Manager with Microsoft Edge integration

Microsoft Windows 11 gives Microsoft Edge integration with the Task Manager. Task Manager is used to check the system process or used to terminated it. Every tab and other process will be named and organized under the user preference in different categories.

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Right now, Task Manager will support the following browser classifications:

  • Dedicated Service worker
  • Browser, GPU Process, Crash pad
  • Tabs
  • Utility Plugins
  • Eco Mode

Note- Eco mode is the new integration found on the taskbar in Windows 11 OS. Windows 11 comes with a new “Eco mode” for Task Manager to give is the control over the running processor, Users can right-click the app and select “Eco Mode” to take action against the resource-hungry process.

Auto-HDR Display setting

Microsoft is adding new controls to display the setting page of Windows 111, You can now turn off CABC in the Display setting via Setting > System > Display.

File Explorer Layout Update

If you prefer the old layout, Microsoft has added a new option called “Use compact mode”, which can be accessed from Folder View Option. It will also restore the classic layout and remove the extra padding.

Microsoft also refreshed the orientation of the folder icons and the default file type icons. These folders include Desktop, Documents, Download and Pictures.

During the event, Microsoft also teased a new header for File Explorer as shown in the above screenshot.

Windows 10 Bloatware removed

Windows 11 will also remove unnecessary apps and bloatware. For example, 3D Viewer and Paint 3D will no longer be pre-installed. We also expect more bloatware will be removed.