WhatsApp rollout begins of new Shopping button to Business Customers

Facebook-owned end-to-end encryption messaging WhatsApp has been adding a Shopping button interact to improve the overall shopping experience on its instant messaging platform.

WhatsApp rollout begins of new Shopping to Business Customers is very easy to shop directly to let customers add items to a cart, make payments, and check out all within WhatsApp.

The new shopping button will replace the voice call icon in the business’s WhatsApp chat screen with a shopping button once clicked will show customers a catalog of products available from the business.

Last month, Facebook integrated that its Messenger into Instagram DM to share chat, adding some users who aren’t having an account to connect with you.

In a statement, WhatsApp said:

We’re rolling out a new shopping button on WhatsApp to make it easier for people to discover a business, catalog so they know what goods or services it offers. Previously, people had to click into the business profile to see if the business had a catalog.

When a person sees the shopping button, they will immediately look at their business has a catalog so they can browse products and starts a conversation about an item with just one tap.

On Saturday, NCPI stands National Cooperation of INDIA grand permission to enable UPI ( Unified Payment Integration ) through WhatsApp Pay Services in India with limitation on 20 Millions users.

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