Who is better TikTok vs YouTube? Carry Minati Video Truth Explained

Our Country is under lockdown extended till 17, May. During this Covid-19 pandemic. Everyday new trends are seen on the twitter. People are make fun of them, viral them at everywhere social media platform.

If you havn’t aware about the recently hashtag based on Carry Minati video become so popular on YouTube and twitter hashtags #TikTokvsYouTube, #carryminati and #amirsiddhaki.

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The Chinese short video application platform gains its popularity day by day in India. People’s become star every week once their videos are reportedly seen on the other Tik Tok trends videos.

YouTubers picked some of them making roast videos on them. Recently video uploaded on YouTube, Creator Carry Minati on topic YouTube vs Tik Tok: The END.

Carry Minati roasted a creator named Amir Sidhadki on this viral YouTube video. Amir Sidhaki a fashion tikTok video creator making videos 4-5 videos on the TikTok. He become star on the TikTok this month.

He updated his views on videos YouTubers creator, he said Tik Tok creators popularity are depends on their videos content shared by different videos by several YouTubers.

He reveals the Tik Tok creators are far better in their content creation over the other content creators working on YouTube.

Carry Minati found this video , make fun out of him in every views shared on this video on his TikTok channel. The Video become viral at night or morning for two days on twitter, instagram handles of everyone.

Trending Video

Every YouTube trending showing his video on the top spot of attraction. Every users watched his video and video make 35M likes in just 3 days of uploading.

The fans of YouTube and TikTok spit into two groups. Memes , trolling, The whole twitter was finlled with these hashtags – #AmirSiddhiqui, #Carryminati, #Tiktokers , #youtubers, #Skirt.

Most funny part of video in Carry Minati, He showed Amir Siddhiqui uses hashtag #skirt to make his video viral. #Skirt tag mostly used for girls viral videos. A lots of fans or brand new viewers were seen on carry Minati video “YouTube vs Tik TOK: The END”

Link to his video:

By the way, more than 53 millions people have watched this video of Carry minati in three days. At the same time, more than 4.5 core people liked this video.

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