Why Sony PlayStation 4 is much better to buying over PS5? Reasons Explained

The Sony has scheduled to launch PS5 today on 11 June, 2020 for next level gaming console PlayStation PS5 at PDT 10:00 ( 1:30 AM in India ). The Sony PlayStation 5 will be expensive then PS4 at higher price with a lots of new features.

We will explained you top four reasons to buying PS4 over new upcoming Sony PlayStation 5

PlayStation 4 Price

The launch of PlayStation 5 , we expect the pricing of PS4 gets a huge drop. If you havn’t invested huge money on buying a gaming pc machine this year .We will suggest you to find a best deals on price drop on all E-commerce websites and refurbished units to buy PS4.

An longer Gaming Library

If we talked about the gaming library. Sony PlayStation 4 has an huge collections of best or great games to play over every years. Developers compability of games will be supported goes up to next 4-5 years more. The exclusive games are GTA 5, Forza Horizon, Need for Speed Heat, Marvel’s Spider Man, Call of Duty Warfare, PUBG PC, Fornite.

New Games Support till 2025

The launch of exclusive game will be coming to PS5 doesn’t mean to PS4 wouldn’t get it . The PS4 will supports all PS5 new games as big titles that are coming to released this year or today onwards during presentation online.

Longevity Support

The Sony PlayStation PS4 will received gaming and firmware over the OTA in next last 4 years. We expect the PS4 will get new games and supports goes up to 2025. It is worth to buy a PS4 in 2020.