Window 10 Anti Privacy Guide: Setup everyone to use


Microsoft Windows 10 is one of most privacy eater that running in the background every time, Window 10 Apps , Edge browser and Setting harvest user’s data every time.

Every large corporations using your data as currency without knowing each users , how much there data can be used to track them, display ads, browsing apps and data sent to Microsoft servers.

Thankfully, Window 10 somehow, allow us to disable the operating system’s tracking and change your privacy options found in the setting.

Our guide will suggests you the latest options , “How users can make use of it and When”?

Our all Windows 10 users who are concerned about privacy and how their date being used by the big cooperate companies, should make the below changes to increase their privacy by changing some options in the Window 10.

Turn off advertising, app tracking and suggested content

The advertising ID is linked to your Microsoft account and the company used the Window 10 Home and Pro versions shows ads by the using of this user ID to show ads on Bing and other Microsoft hidden web services.

In the General privacy setting in Window 10

To turn off the setting, follow these steps

  • Launch Setting
  • Go to Privacy > General
  • Under the ‘Change privacy options’, toggle Off the following options:
  • Let apps use advertising ID to make ads more interesting , Let Windows track app launched to improve Start and search results’
  • Show me suggested content in the Setting app.

Here you General Setting look like the following image


Disable Start Menu suggestion

Microsoft recently started displaying ads for the new Microsoft Edge brower to suggests you to download in the Start Menu.


To disable these suggestions, go to Setting > Start and disable ‘Show suggestion occasionally in Start”

Disable Window Timeline

Timeline feature seems very good and handy feature for power users. As the name suggests, Timeline allow you to get back in to see and resume your work activities.

Microsoft allow us to disable sending our activity up to Microsoft’s servers and keep it local by following these steps.

  • Open Setting
  • Click Privacy
  • Open Activity History
  • Unpick the “Let Windows collect my activities from this PC” checkbox and Timeline will not collect your information.

Finally users, you need to click on the Clear option to clear your activity history.

Restrict App permissions

Microsoft Window 10 allow all per-installed apps in the Microsoft, These App permissions i.e Location, Camera, Microphone, Microphone, Video and Background Apps.

Users need to turn off these all app permissions in the option from Setting > Apps > Installed apps and click on the app will you want to limit.

Turn off Background Running Apps

Microsoft will allow users to turn off useful apps to turn on whether other extra unnecessary apps need to turn off

Go to the Setting > Background apps > Let apps running in the background > Go to apps below mentioned below > turn off unnecessary apps to stop running at the background every time once you turn off PC.

This is also a good option to increase Windows 10 performance and saves battery.


Disable Inking and Typing personalization

Window 10 will sent your keystrokes and handwriting patterns to the Microsoft cloud to make a personalized that uses to make suggestions.

To turn off this feature, go to Setting > Privacy > Inking and Typing personalization and set the toggle to Off as shown below


Disable Cortana

In Cortana, open your setting by clicking the gear icon that appears in the left panel. In Cortana setting, select Permissions and History and turn off the location , contacts , email and options.


You can also remove Microsoft account and go to Open Setting > Account and select sign in with local account .

Alternative method : First install this software> Click on the recommended options> Pop-up menu > Restarts your PC again

Download it : From Here O&O Shut up

Apply all recommended setting > Just like this picture.


Remember, Every time your some options could be changed, you need to do it again , if you necessary.

But you can easily try our alternative method again once new Window 10 update will be installed on your PC. It takes 10 seconds to did.

Happy Reading !