Windows 10 KB5005463 patch released for Windows 11 upgrade

Microsoft released the latest patch KB5005463 will allow the most eligible PCs for Windows 11 can upgrade can simply install the PC Health Check-in system.

An upgrade wouldn’t be easier for most Windows 10 users. Microsoft finds a perfect way to install the PC Health Check App to install the Windows 11 upgrade in the eligible PC. The patch KB5005463 was updated to help users prepare their devices for the new operating system.

The other method, you can also download and install PC Health Check Tool to view an updated status. This tool will allow users to compatibility against Windows 11s strict requirements.

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Microsoft is now pushing the KB5005463 update which will automatically install the app. The Windows 11 upgrade is being rolled out from Windows Update is not yet clear. Microsoft says that it would be ready once the user’s PC is being ready to be installed.

How to install Windows 10 KB5005463 in your Windows 10 PC

User will need to install Windows 11 eligibility update, use these steps:

  • Go to Setting and Check for updates.
  • Select the update and click on download button.
  • If you really need the patch, you can try to download the offline installer from Microsoft Update Catelog.

If you don’t see any update, go to Setting > Update & Security > Windows Update and look under the optional updates.

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Windows 10 KB5005463 won’t be offered on devices already running Windows 11. This update installs PC Health Check Tool and it comes with the following reasons to read first before installing.

  • Check Windows 11 Eligibility – The PC Check app let you perform hardware scans and view compatibility status based on the system hardware requirements.
  • Backup and sync – You can also set up OneDrive using the app.
  • Windows Update : You can use PC Health Check Tool to assert for battery capacity.
  • Startup time: You can use it to improve startup time by making changes to exiting program.
  • The PC Tool will automactically check the imporant updates requied to install for the app.