Windows 10 new Tool exposure in Win10 Power Toys

Windows 10 new Tool exposure in Win10 Power Toys team to start the termination process.

A report claims that Microsoft’s Power Toys team is now considering a new Tool feature called “Quick Termination” of the application, which will allow user to use the “Termination window” or keyboard shortcut to end the any applications process.

Earlier, In the Windows 10 which allow you to right click over the application in the task manger to stop any running process. You can also open new processor by hovering at the top of the menu button, create processor > type new explorer > it kills all background processor and refreshes the desktop screen.

When users used to right-click on taskbar icon and select Close Window displayed at the button of the menu to close the application. But this does not completely kill the whole applications process.

Microsoft is testing new feature in the Power Toys. In other words, The Windows users will soon a get a special menu or use the keyboard shortcut to select the “terminate” option to kill the program.

According to the Windows update roadmap, Windows 10’s upcoming quick termination application will be included in an update to be released sometime next year.

Microsoft is said to be developing another feature called “Application Manager” which will give details of the process running on the PC and allow users to close an application.