Windows 10 October 20H2 update annoying bugs details

Microsoft start pushing the Window 10 October Update new feature update description also known as version 20H2 is a fairly stable release for some user’s with major improvements over the last buddy update Window 10 version 2004.

Some users reported a numbers of issues have risen concern with the Windows 10 October 2020 Update (version 20H2) and Microsoft has already confirmed that they are investigation the new bug in the version 20H2.

We made a report on new bugs reported in a report on windowslatest. Here are bugs and errors details.

Irresponsible Setting app

In Windows 10 version 20H2, Windows Update page might be stuck in “Checking for updates screen and it will restart the system to finish the installation of cumulative updates. After restart, Windows will again ask you to restart the PC with two options below –

  • Update and Shutdown
  • Update and Restart

The problem as an ‘nightmare’ for some users and it still not fixed in November 2020 cumulative updates. We suggests that if you don’t install Windows 10 20H2 update, you need to wait until this problem get solved.

Alt-Tab app switcher broken

If we open three different applications during our work time period on Windows 10 like – Notepad, Calculator and Microsoft Edge. You try to switch to the second window using ALT-TAB, you unable to doing it.

In the new preview Windows 10 insider Build 20231 for insiders, Microsoft said that they has resolved an issue when users managing open windows using ALT+TAB.

For October update 2020, Microsoft said that it’s still working on a fix and there’s no such timeline period gaven.

TRIM Issue

A TRIM issue found in Windows 10 20H2/ Version 2004 will still unable to TRIM command on unsupported hard drivers and generate error in the Event Viewer/

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