Windows 11 couldn’t install on AMD, Ryzen GPU PC | Buy a Windows 11 Laptops Today

Microsoft announced the Windows 11 worldwide on 5th October to all eligible supported PC will see a banner to ready for Windows 11PC inside Updates and setting.

There are two main issues consider reportedly by the company yet so far

  • The L3 cache latency on AMD processor is being tripled due to a buggy bit of code within Windows 11.
  • The AMD processor to take much longer to process information from within their caches.
  • Performance droped to 15% in both AMD and Ryzen PC – Microsoft believed.

Microsoft disclosed that the issue is registered through Windows 11 linked to AMD preferred Core, a piece of software enhancement that instructs the active processors to shirt to the fastest code of the AMD processor which helping apps work at their smoothest.

This can be a piece of solid evidence on processors with eight cores and above with TDP higher than 65W. AMD and Microsoft are both reportedly working on fixes to get a software update that will be released in the month via Windows Update in Windows 10.

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How to install Windows 11 on your PC with TPM 2.0 module PC

Those users want to install Windows 11 on their PC. Please, make sure your eligible PC must fully fill all requirements needed for Windows 11 before getting started with the below Windows 11 Steps without getting any installation failure.

Windows 10 users check the Windows 11 update will arrive in your PC and try to update Microsoft Edge latest version and drivers need to be up to date before the Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade will active.

This method is working with Intel 8th generation or above processor. Read it here Windows 11 rolling out today: How to install in your PC? — Technology Seeker

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Windows 11 issue seen in AMD processor and some PC having fulfilled all requirements has seen some problem in the installation during downloading/ upgrading into Windows 11. Let us make sure, read our “how to install Windows 11 in your PC will solve your all problem.