Windows 11 Dev Pre-release review features voice control

Windows 11 Dev Pre-release reviews features voice control update is rolling out to Windows 11 Insiders Program will not released public until October 2022.

Microsoft is currently developing some new features and user interface (UI) adjustments for the operating system including a new voice control functions.

Windows 11 Build 22H2 version will be next major update of the operating system and there will be no 22H1 version. Windows 11 is consider part of Nickel’s developments branch.

Voice Control Features

Microsoft is experimenting with a new voice control tool called “voice control” to help people control their desktops. This feature is designed to help users with mobility impairments, allowing them to use voice to control their desktop, open files, select text, double-click.

You can see in the screenshots, you can access of the experimental voice control features of Windows 11 by entering the accessibility settings.

It will be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Once the download is complete, just select a microphone of your choice and it will be used for voice control.

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Voice control is an early stage of development with all basic functions including commands to open or switch applications. You can also use your voice to browser the web, read and write emails.

Microsoft has confirmed that it supports the following Windows voice controls:

  • Open “[Applications name] For example, you need to say “Open Edge” or “Open Word” to open the Application.
  • “Minimize Windows”, “Maximize Windows”, “Close Windows” to mange your windows.
  • You can also use these commands to click on an item or open a link. “Click to start”, “click to cancel”.
  • Scroll down” or “Start scrolling down”, “Press Escape”, “Hold Shift” and more.

Windows users can share emoji expressions based on the skin tone of family members, As you can see in this screenshot, emoji can be personalized such as lovers, kissing’s and holding hands.