Xbox Series S smallest Xbox console confirmed to launch at Rs 22,000

Microsoft offically unveiled smallest version of the new Xbox Series S is officially , the company has announced the pricing of the console on the offiical Twitter account. The smallest S series Xbox console first time from the Microsoft in console brand.

The Xbox Series S is set to launch with a price point of $299 ( approx. Rs 22,000 ). The promotional poster also revealed the design of the console in the twitter.

The Xbox Series X will be digital-only edition without any disc slot on the console, while XBox Series S specifications couldn’t reveals in the twitter post , but the image suggests that the affordable console will be available in the white colour with white controller.

The X Series S also retains a USB port placed at the front along with an on/ off button. The remote controller in the image looks similar to the Xbox One. The tipster @walkingcat share a video post that shows the X Series S complexly has similar design as like Xbox Series S console case.

The fresh reports suggests , The Xbox Series S will launch with 1080p or 1440p resolution support. The console is expected be equipped by 4 TB of GPU performance. It is expected to backend by 7.5GB of usable RAM.

The Xbox Series S and Series X console are expected to be launched on November 10th. The affordable S series is said to arrive with $299 ( Rs. 22,000 approx).