Xiaomi’s Third Generation Under-Display Camera Tech arriving next year 2021

Xiaomi has been working on a future tech that promising to put the camera right under the display, when the camera is not in use and just seen the display and when you scroll through the camera app that camera appears and hides after the screen refreshed.

Xiaomi shared a video showcasing to be honest, this is amazing tech revels by the Chinese Smartphone maker first time in the technology industry before Apple and Samsung.

Ice Universe twitter tipster shared a post that gives a hint about the Xiaomi new Under-Display camera tech will go mass production in the year 2021.

It makes sense that you might still be to spot the difference but the good news is that people would rather prefer having a few odd-looking pixels than a complete cutout. An under-display camera needs to see through the specs between the pixels and that involves thinning out the display.

Xiaomi’s graphics shows that early prototypes would remove 75 percent of the pixel above the camera but the latest “third-generation technique keeps the full display resolutions and uses smaller pixels above the camera uses smaller pixels above the camera.

Ice Universe has pictures of a Xiaomi prototype with a round cutout and it looks great. The Tipster says the display is from China Star Opto electronics Technology ( CSOT ) as division of TCL.

Xiaomi’s says, “it aims to bring this technology to the mas market next year, “Xiaomi announcement is really designed to preempt ZTE which has already claimed the “world’s first under-display camera smartphone” title for the ZTE Axon 20 5G will be announced next week in China.

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