YouTube Shorts gained 3.5 bn daily views in India

Google owned video platform YouTube announced the TikTok style enabled YouTube Shorts gained 3.5 bn daily active views in India during testing, the platform’s head said on Tuesday.

Central Government of India confirmed the permanently banned the TikTok among other 59 Chinese applications over national severity and security of Indian citizen. Google during beta testing in India on YouTube Shorts which helps people around the world to create short time videos on YouTube are receiving an impressive 3.5 billion daily views!

The new format directly integrated into the existing YouTube interface is currently only available in India as beta testing, it may expand to others countries in near future said spokesperson Google.

YouTube Shorts still long way to complete with popular social network Instagram with their own short video format called Reels in the last year August, 2020 and Snapchat Spotlight, a public feed of content produced by the Snap users.

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