YouTube tests feature to check copyright content before getting your video uploaded

YouTube reportedly spotted a new test feature to ensure the copyright content before your channel getting banned as rules regulation against copyright content after your video uploaded.

Source Matt Navarra

Copyright owned and YouTube themselves actively police videos looking for copyright infringements and if they find something even the smallest thing, some consequences can range the copyrighted owner make money off your video or even having your video taken down or your channel gets banned.

This is the major issue come content creators will break copyright laws by accident. It’s a very perfect system feature to ensure users will tell about their videos are copyright content which they are testing checks during the video uploads.

According to Matt Navarra reports, This feature works, it runs your video through a certain check and tries to catch any potential copyright infringements before you publish it. YouTube actually has something called Content ID which automatically scans videos against a database of copyright content and automatically flags them if something has found.

The introduction of this feature will probably fix the whole system, in case the content creator trying to upload a video of copyright infringements before you publish it. This check will help at least a bit by allowing users to not have their whole channel banned or their demontized or taken down.